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Things you can do THIS MONTH

Change your energy provider!

This is REALLY easy and if lots of us do will have a huge impact. We and the Green Party recommend switching to Ecotricity who provide 100% green electricity and frack-free green gas. They even produce some of their own energy from their own wind and solar sources! Read more about their green energy here or just go and get a quote and switch here!

Read this WWF article

It explains what a climate emergency means, and what the UK government needs to do to tackle our climate crisis. And then…

Write to your Member of Parliament

They work for you! They are responsible for all of our futures and have the power to make climate change THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE they deal with every day. You can find out who your MP is at theyworkforyou.com and at writetothem.com will even send your email straight to them! Tell them how you feel about climate change, what you want them to do about it and why it is important. They may not always respond but the more they hear from us, the more they understand what is important to the people they are working for. And then, write again next month about the new thing you’ve learnt about climate change and what you want them to do about that. And then again the next month. And the next month! You get the idea – keep writing!

Eat less meat

“If you’re looking for something you can control which can have a big impact on your personal carbon footprint, look to your belly. According to a recent study, the carbon footprint of a vegan diet is about 60% lighter than those with a load of meat in them… You don’t have to take an all-or-nothing approach. Try going “vague-an” (kinda vegan, at least on weekdays, if it’s not your birthday, or your brother’s cooking…)
Whatever you do, take others with you. One of the reasons cutting meat and dairy can be hard is how much eating we do with family and friends. But that’s also one of the things that can make it so much fun too. Invite people to go vegan with you. Share recipes for low carbon food with your friends, or challenge them to a vegan bake off at work.” Alice Bell

Make other easy changes at home

Identify the big carbon emissions in your life and start to reduce them. For example:
• turn the heating down or off in your home. Or even just in rooms you spend less time in. Wear clothes that match the seasons (put a jumper on!)
• if your family has a car, use it less – walk or cycle for short journeys, share lifts
• use the timer on appliances like washing machines and dishwashers so they come on off-peak
• switch off lights, don’t overfill the kettle… you know the drill!
Climate Change – The Facts on BBC iPlayer (58mins) Sir David Attenborough looks at the science of climate change and potential solutions to this global threat.
Our Planet – Sir David Attenborough’s 8 episode documentary series for Netflix

Mothers of Invention – podcast – a brilliant series hosted by former Irish President Mary Robinson and comedian Maeve Higgins in this uplifting new podcast, celebrating amazing women doing remarkable things in pursuit of climate justice. If you only listen to one episode, make it this one “All Rise”


Make or set up a donation to a green organisation – there are loads of wonderful organisations doing great work to help save the planet. Find the one that best suits you and your interests and make a regular donation – there’s the big obvious ones, of course but there are smaller organisations that even a small, regular donation makes a great difference to. At the moment we have particular love for the following:
…but we’d love to know which others you think we should include here. Get in touch with us via the contact page and let us know?